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Formed in October 2007 by a handful of enthusiastic men and women, initial training basically involved getting as many people as possible out on a Sunday afternoon, (no mean feat in Spain!) and introducing the game of Gaelic football to the newcomers. Considering most of the Irish folk hadn’t played in quite a while, the first few sessions were useful as a refresher course with everybody racking their brains trying to remember the drills and exercises of a typical training session back home.

In November 2007, just one month after our first training session, the chance to partake in the final round of the European Shield in Barcelona was presented to us. Weighing up the pros and cons, we felt it would be important to turn up at this tournament in order to make ourselves known, while, at the same time we knew that our performance would not be the greatest. So, heading off (with a few lads who had never seen a Gaelic football before!), we played four games and lost every one. However, we came away with a belief that we would be ready and competitive for the 2008 season.



Since December 2007, a proper behind the scenes committee has been set up and this along with the excellent, intensive training sessions devised by Liam Groarke and June Harrington has helped Sant Vicent go from strength to strength in both Ladies and Mens codes. This was witnessed by the impressive performances in the first round of the Iberian Championship in early March.

At the moment Sant Vicent can count on players from countries as far reaching as Argentina, Brazil, England, and Italy as well as Ireland and Spain. We hope to keep adding more players to this list, regardless of skill level. So, if you are curious about the game and would like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact us by following the link at the top of the page.