Full Results – Iberian Championship Round 5

Full Results from the fifth and final round of the Iberian Championship held in A Coruña, June 23rd. Women: Valencia 6-14 2-2 A Coruña Valencia 3-06 1-06 Madrid A Coruña 1-04 4-11 Madrid Valencia 7-05 0-10 Madrid (FINAL) Men: Artabros 1-04 2-04 Fillos Madrid 2-03 5-07 Valencia Artabros 2-03 1-08 Madrid Fillos 0-03 4-03 Valencia […]


Both the men’s and women’s team have won the final round of the Iberian Championship in A Coruña.  The men beat hosts Fillos in the final 1-10 to 1-6 while the women celebrated their first ever tournament crown with a victory over Madrid 7-5 to 0-10.  Carrie Lynch was named the overall female tournament MVP. […]

Velociraptors debut; Kids impress; Both senior teams lose in final

The 4th round of the Iberian Championships hosted by Valencia this past weekend was an eventful affair with a mixture of disappointment and excitement for the Sant Vicent club. On a beautiful sunny, but breezy afternoon at Rugby City, the under 11 and under 8 teams made their second ever appearances (and first as distinct teams) […]

Round 4 Results – Valencia

Full results from round 4 of the Iberian Championships in Valencia, May 19th: Women: Barcelona 0-4 1-8 Sant Vicent Madrid Harps 3-5 1-2 Velociraptors Barcelona 3-15 0-1 Fillas O’Donnells Sant Vicent 0-2 0-6 Madrid Harps Velociraptors 0-2 0-3 Fillas O’Donnells Barcelona 0-4 0-17 Madrid Harps Sant Vicent 2-15 0-2 Fillas O’Donnells Barcelona 1-7 1-1 Velociraptors […]