2012 Season Wrap-up

Final Scores and Standings:

Following the club’s first ever ‘doblete’ in A Coruña both the men’s and women’s teams finished as Iberian Championship runners-up for the 2012 season.  Both titles were taken by the Madrid Harps, to whom we offer our congratulations.
The final championship standings are shown below while a complete record of results can be found at the following links:
Men’s Results
Women’s Results


Top Scorers:

Heading in to the final tournament of the year, the race for the men’s ‘Pichichi’ was wide open with any one of 4 or 5 players in the running while the women’s scoring race was long-since decided.
On the back of a 7 goal, 5 point performance in the year’s final tournament, Freddy Nadal collected the silverware for the men with a final tally of 13 goals, 10 points for a total of 49.  Overall, 19 different players found their way on to the scoresheet for Sant Vicent this season, with 4 of them being ‘on-loan’ players or own goals.  The men tallied 34 goals and 100 points for a total of 202 points on the year.  The final scoring charts can be seen here.
On the women’s side, the race was done and dusted after the first 2 or 3 tournaments as full-forward Niamh Flynn displayed deadly accuracy that would have served any team well.  In the final count, Flynn recorded an incredible 29 goals and 47 points for a total of 134 points (the exact same as the whole men’s team combined following 4 rounds!).  Overall the women spread their scoring among 13 different players while amassing 45 goals, 114 points  – 249 in total (this includes games for the Velociraptors).  The final women’s scoring charts can be viewed here while a composite of all tournament results for Valencia teams along with scoring charts can be viewed here: GAA scores

Pichichi winners, Freddy Nadal and Niamh Flynn accept their awards at the end-of-season dinner.

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