Valencia Scores from Barcelona


Valencia 2-5 drew Barcelona 2-5 (Niamh 1-3, Emma C 1-2)
Valencia 4-3 over Seville 1-8 (Niamh 3-2, Carrie 1-1)
Madrid 4-8 over Valencia 0-2 (Niamh 0-1, Emma C 0-1)
Valencia 3-9 over A Coruña 3-4 (Niamh 3-8, Emma C 0-1)

Valencia team MVP: Carrie Lynch


Valencia 3-4 over Madrid 1-3 (Freddy 2-1, Brendan Mc 1-0, Colm 0-2, Adam 0-1)
Barcelona 1-6 over Valencia 1-1 (Andy P 1-0, Andy W 0-1)
Valencia 1-6 over A Coruña 0-1 (Andy W 0-5, Freddy 0-1, Adam 0-1)
FINAL (after extra time):
Barcelona 1-9 over Valencia 0-8 (Andy W 0-5, Adam 0-1, Andy P 0-1, Tom 0-1)

Valencia team MVP:  Paul Hickey
Tournament MVP:  Andy White


About ValenciaGAA

Gaelic Football Club located in Valencia, Spain competing in the men's and women's Iberian GAA Championships. Open to anyone and everyone interested in playing or following Gaelic Sports in Spain.
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