Niamh Flynn

Published by ValenciaGAA

Gaelic Football Club located in Valencia, Spain competing in the men's and women's Iberian GAA Championships. Open to anyone and everyone interested in playing or following Gaelic Sports in Spain.

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  1. first of all well done to valencia ladies footie team and a special word for NIAMH FLYNN [grand niece ] m.v.p. of the tournement well done niamh secondly i read the opposition loaded their team for the final by bringing 4 outside players IS THIS ALLOWED by the g.a.a. if so then every ladies team in ireland should be able to do the same JOHN GARVEY KILKEE CO.CLARE

  2. Well done Valencia ladies team Well done to my grand daughter Niamh, That will keep you fit, and well done to all you’r team mates, we can not forget the Men’s team also you are all putting Valencia on the map.

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